Thursday 1/19


Daily Motivation: 

Henry Ford changed the way the world worked. We are still reaping the rewards from his accomplishments today. While simple, his statement below is also a profound. 

Whether you think you can or can't, you are right.

I not only think you all can succeed this semester, I KNOW you can! Let’s think sportively this semester and work towards substantial improvement!

In Class:

  • Go over Diagnostic Revision and Turn It In.
  • Quick Quiz on Perkins-Gough Vocabulary 
  • Discuss Daily Edits 
  • Pair Share and Class Discussion about Gough
  • Go over Semester Assignments
  • Go over Class Policies.
  • Discuss Blog and Peer Responses.
  • In Class Writing


*Refer to the Syllabus for the specific details. This links are not active.
Click here for links to the homework below

  1. Required: Read Dweck and complete Stratgey 1. Click here for the assignment details.
  2. Required: Complete Blog Discussion 1.Click here for the assignment details.
  3. RequiredIf you haven’t already, complete the assignments from Tuesday’s class. Click here to review Tuesday’s homework.
  4. Required: Don’t forget your Diagnostic Revision! Find the details and submit here!
  5. Recommended: Go the the LAC. Begin your grammar review. Start with modals or conditionals. Your first LAC exercise log will be due before you know it!  Your first LAC assignments can be reviewed here.
  6. Recommended: Get to know Canvas. The more familiar you are with the system, the more smoothly your semester will progress.
  7. Check the calendar. Did you complete all the assignments for the week?
  8. Get your Writing Clearly! We begin working in it next week!