Reading Homework

Essay 1 Articles

For ESL 201, many of our resources will be printed by you. I will mostly give you the choice to print the article or simply read it online. However, it will probably be most beneficial to you to print each, especially the more difficult ones, so that you can annotate the readings. You will have many in-class discussions and out-of-class homework as well as various essay related assignments for theses articles. Thus, the more familiar you are with them, the easier you tasks will be. Nonetheless, the choice to print or not print is up to you.

Perkins-Gough article

Dweck article

Holt article



Essay 1 Vocabulary

Most of the articles will be have many new and perhaps difficult vocabulary words. As you read each article, you will see bolded, underlined words that I thought were important. To aid you in your comprehension and vocabulary improvement, online vocabulary practice with these identified words has been set up for many of the articles. While it is not specifically required to use these resources, it is HIGHLY suggested for your overall improvement. Also, there may be vocabulary quizzes on this unit. Note: some of the Pink vocabulary may be particularly difficult for you as it is quite advanced.


Perkins-Gough Vocabulary

Dweck Vocabulary

Holt Vocabulary

 Reading Strategies

Reading quickly and effectively is something that many students struggle with. Successful readers employ a variety of strategies to understand, remember, and synthesize what they’ve read.This unit will provide 7 specific strategies which will help you improve your academic reading ability. Each strategy is correlated with one of the Essay 1 articles. These strategies are designed to give you opportunities to experiment with and reflect on different strategies that are often used when reading challenging, college-level material.  I think that you will find that it is often necessary to employ more than one strategy at a time when reading college-level texts!

Dweck Reading Strategy 1

Holt Reading Strategy 2


Complete the reading strategy that corresponds to each reading assignment.  Read through the instructions on each strategy before you begin the reading assignment then reflect on the strategy at the end of your reading. 

You have three format choices for submission:

  1. Download the strategy doc and type your answers. Then print and submit in class when due.
  2. Print the strategy pdf and handwrite your answers. Then print and submit in class when due.
  3.  Handwrite BOTH the questions and the answers to the strategy. Then print and submit in class when due.



You will submit each of the worksheets in class on the due date posted. Mrs. C will stamp it for completion at that time. THEN you will submit the hard copy in your end of semester portfolio. Points will not be given for the work until the portfolio. Missing or unstamped work will be given a zero at that time.