Would you like to contribute to a book?

You now have that opportunity!

For my GramEd series, I am taking Student contributions of essays you have written from your college classes! You could get published, get some personal benefits, and help other students all at the same time! How cool is that?
Of course, there are requirements and restrictions, but for the most part, it is pretty open to all!

The requirements are fairly straightforward. All written work has to be written by you for some American English college class; it can be an ESL class, an English class or even a General education class, but it does have to be in English. You will be giving me the rights to this written essay (or essays if you are feeling really creative!) now and forever.

Alas, the restriction is,  just to be very clear, you will not get paid. I have yet to make any money myself on any of my own books, so I can’t yet pay for any contributions. Right now, I am still losing money on everything I do. Thank you, Mr. C, for your unflagging support!  However, there are other very real perks that you might find beneficial.

The benefit to you is you will be getting contributor credit in one of my grammar books with a mini bio. This is a real publication credit that you can be proud of forever! You don’t have to worry about any grammar or language errors either. Of course, they will be there because I will be putting them there! I will be using parts of your essay, most likely a paragraph or two only. Your work will be going in a grammar editing book, remember? But the errors that are there will be the ones that I deliberately put there as you will have given me all the rights to edit as I need to so that the work fits my purpose of education. There are a few other benefits including a free book and a discounted purchase price on additional books as well. Finally, you will be part of my little tribe forever, which in my opinion, is an awesome perk too!

If you are interested in being part of my next grammar book, fill out the form below to let me know! I’ll get back with you with the specific details of the contribution contract with you and if you agree, we can go from there!

Boldness, and again boldness, and always boldness!

-George-Jacques Danton