Tuesday 1/17- First Day

Welcome to Mrs. C’s ESL 201!

I am so glad to be starting the Fall 2017 semester with you! It will be a challenging endeavor, but you will learn a great deal, your writing will improve, and you might even have some fun!

Daily Motivation:

Every class I will try to have a quote or video to help us all continue to be motivated and stay the course. Sometimes, I will include a bit of writing lesson in the quote as well!  Today is the first step in our challenging semester writing course. I’d like you to consider the quote below from Zig Ziglar, a motivational speaker.

As ESL students in an American college, you are reaching for big dreams and high goals. More than anything, what will help you be successful this semester and in your college career overall will be your attitude!

Language deficiencies can be overcome, vocabulary can be assimilated, grammar can be learned, and writing can be mastered if you have the right attitude.

I encourage you to start this semester with a good attitude toward learning, and I know you will succeed! 

In Class Today:

First Day Introduction

Course Overview 


*Refer to the Syllabus for the specific details. This links are not active.

Click here for links to the homework below

  1. Required: Read Article Handout from today’s class. Click here for assignment details. 
  2. Required: Introduce yourself to Mrs. C. Click here for assignment details. 
  3. Required: Get your Canvas account set up. Click here for assignment details.
  4. Required: Buy your Supplies! You will need Writing Clearly next week. You can use the RESERVE copy in the library, but you will have to make photocopies of the materials to have in class. You will need Power of Habit by Week 5. You should get your portfolio binder immediately.


let's have a great semester