Introduction for Mrs. C

Effective communication will be important to your success this semester. In a writing course, much of your communication will occur in your written work, but you may find it important to discuss things with me as well. As such, I’d like to start out the semester by ensuring that you and I both know you can reach me digitally if needed.

In a college course, certain behaviors are expected in communicating with your instructor. Please review this SlideShare presentation of an email etiquette lesson if you are unsure what is required.

For this semester, you have two choices for communicating digitally with me. You may use either one you prefer.

Choice 1:
Email me at I check my email several times a day and will respond to your email within 24 hours unless I have otherwise announced in class an exception like going out of town for a weekend or such. If you have not received a response from me in 24 hours, please email again as I did not receive the first one.

Choice 2:
You can also contact me directly through the Canvas Inbox . Click here for some step-by-step instructions on how to do this. As with the email, I will respond to your message within 24 hours and I expect appropriate email etiquette in your post.

Introduction Assignment
This assignment has 2 parts.

Part 1) You are required to introduce yourself to me through email or canvas by Friday morning at 7 am. You can, of course, do so earlier if you prefer.

Part 2) You should also reply to my response to your email once you have received it. This is an aspect of good digital communication.

This assignment is a completion only assignment. You will receive points for the assignment in your midterm portfolio grade.

1) Introduce Yourself by answering the following questions:

Do you have a particular nick name that you would prefer to be used this semester?
What is your language background?
What other ESL classes have you taken?
What are your long-term academic goals?
What are your goals for this semester?
What difficulties have you had with writing? Language? Grammar?
What is an interesting fact about you or experience you have had?
Is there anything else you would like to share?
2) Respond to my reply to your original introduction.

A reply does not need to be lengthy. Basically, you are simply acknowledging that you received the response. When it doubt, a simply Thank you Mrs. C will suffice.

In this two part assignments, both parts must be complete to receive full points.

Click here for Homework Assignment Rubric