Diagnostic Revision

Diagnostic Revision


The first week of class you responded in class to a prompt. For this revision, use whatever information that you wrote in class and

1.Add any needed content.

2.Edit your text for grammatical correctness.

3.Type in MLA format.

4.Submit through  the Turn It In link below on this page by 6 am, Monday January 23.

5. If you have problems submitting this paper, email it to Mrs. C and stick around after class so we can resolve the problem.

Remember, this is a new submission process so it may take some time to figure out.

Don’t stress about it if it doesn’t go correctly the first time! We’ll figure it out!


The purpose of this assignment is so that Mrs. C can see what you do and don’t know about writing and grammar. If you submit it, you will get full credit. Do your best as this will set the tone for your entire semester.