Mini-Blog About Advice

Mrs. C, can you help me…?

Advice is something I’m often asked to give. Let’s be clear that I am only an expert in college writing and ESL language usage. I’ve studied the topic and taught others for many years. I’ve learned effective techniques and I know my grammar rules. I am quite comfortable advising what to do when it comes to that.


Academically, culturally or personally, though, I do not pretend to have or even be aware of all the answers. Nonetheless, I have lived in the USA, am well read, and have had many relationships and experiences, both good and bad, which I guess qualifies me to offer bits of advice on certain subjects. I must preface all advice with one caveat. There is no one RIGHT way to live one’s life; I’m not even convinced there is a BEST way. Hence any advice I give are simply suggestions of possible ways to handle cultural or classroom situations according to my own experiences and knowledge.

I will share some of the most common repeated student questions in my semi-weekly blog. If you have a question or concern, comment and let me know!