Writing Lesson in Washing the Car

Like so many in Southern California, my lifestyle would be impossible without a car. I love my MX5 Miata convertible. It gives me joy at the end of a difficult day as I speed down the road with the top down and music up. I can park easily amongst giant SUVs who think they are […]

Black or White… or Grey?

In teaching this week, two different phrases came up that required explanation for my students: mixed blessing and false dichotomy. Additionally, I used the phrase double-edged sword in a mini-lecture and had to explain that as well. These phrases and the explanations got me thinking about absolutes and how we like things to be one […]

Success by Choice

It’s almost midterms at IVC, so everyone, instructors and students alike, is on edge.  Over the past week, several of my colleagues have bemoaned their students’ lack of understanding of basic college concepts– not the classroom content, but the soft skills so needed for success in an American college. Here in the USA, it is […]

Keep Your Fire Burning

One of the most awesome yet arduous aspects of working for or with others is that there is help in feeding the fire of accomplishment and motivation.  Unfortunately, many aspects of life require us to stay motivated on our own and finish what we started without cheerleaders or spectators.  To be successful, you have to […]

Diagnostic Revision

Diagnostic Revision Assignment The first week of class you responded in class to a prompt. For this revision, use whatever information that you wrote in class and 1.Add any needed content. 2.Edit your text for grammatical correctness. 3.Type in MLA format. 4.Submit through  the Turn It In link below on this page by 6 am, […]

Set Up Canvas

  Canvas will be our primary learning management system this semester although though we will use blackboard for submitting to turn it in as well. This is a new system for me and for many of you as well. We will figure it out together! It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the system […]