Diagnostic Revision

Diagnostic Revision Assignment The first week of class you responded in class to a prompt. For this revision, use whatever information that you wrote in class and 1.Add any needed content. 2.Edit your text for grammatical correctness. 3.Type in MLA format. 4.Submit through  the Turn It In link below on this page by 6 am, […]

Set Up Canvas

  Canvas will be our primary learning management system this semester although though we will use blackboard for submitting to turn it in as well. This is a new system for me and for many of you as well. We will figure it out together! It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the system […]

Reading Homework

Essay 1 Articles For ESL 201, many of our resources will be printed by you. I will mostly give you the choice to print the article or simply read it online. However, it will probably be most beneficial to you to print each, especially the more difficult ones, so that you can annotate the readings. […]

Thursday 1/19

  Daily Motivation:  Henry Ford changed the way the world worked. We are still reaping the rewards from his accomplishments today. While simple, his statement below is also a profound.  I not only think you all can succeed this semester, I KNOW you can! Let’s think sportively this semester and work towards substantial improvement! In Class: Go over […]