Poetry Perch

Words, how I love words.


Words for me bring communication, meaning, purpose, hope, motivation, comfort, connection... words are basically my life.

I am not a poet. I am a simple language and writing instructor, who teaches others the power and wonder of words. I break down and analyze language... I demonstrate its component pieces... I illustrate how to put it back together in acceptable and even pleasing ways... I instruct in ways to connect logically, argue rationally, and exemplify clearly...

I am a kind of an artist, I am creative, and I am innovative, but I am no poet.

Nevertheless, I love poetry. Poetry feeds my soul in a way few other things do.

Recently, I have been advising some of my students to make sure they feed their souls in addition to their minds and bodies. They work so hard, do my students with study, jobs, families, just trying to succeed in this fast-paced competitive world that is modern day America.

"You have to make time to feed your soul," I said!

"What do you do to feed yours," they replied?

And I paused.

Of course, there are so many things I do for myself. So many wonderful things I do to grow and take care of myself, don't I?

But one forgotten deep and lasting pleasure was poetry. I had let that joy fade since the deaths of my beloved family members over the last few years. Death leaches joy from us like little else in life, doesn't it?


Now, like a gradual spring these words are slowly emerging after a long brutal winter to restore vibrancy to my wounded soul.


This Poetry Perch will be a place to post poems I'm interested in, a place for all the lovely words I admire to "perch" to rest on a prominent vantage point to  provide comfort and hope and inspiration and more...

I intend to have at least one a month, maybe more if I'm particularly motivated or inspired. I intend to have personal favorites as well as general classics. I intend to have the written and spoken versions. If I get really creative, I might do a video or two. Let's see how it goes.

As I sit now in my home office writing my blogs, working on my new book projects, planning my class curriculum, and grading my papers, I look out to my humming bird feeder. I just hung a perch for them to rest upon as well. The back yard is not very pretty right now. It is tired and worn, rather like my soul from these last few very difficult years. Yet as I watch the  hummingbirds stop by for a drink  and hopefully perch for a bit on their new spot for a visit, I will continue to cultivate the changes I want to see in my life by feeding my soul with many things, including the poetry I will be posting here. 

I hope you enjoy  it as I shall.